We make coaches effective.

UpCoach is a mentoring program for coaches in fitness and sport.

Coaching fitness–or any sport–requires technical expertise and emotional intelligence.

Understanding the desired outcome is only half the job. Desiring the outcome is the other half. In other words, it’s not enough to know what to do; an athlete must WANT to do it.

We use the “two-brain” analogy to describe a great coach:

The brain’s left hemisphere is responsible for analysis, categorization, and math. This is the part of a coach’s brain that says, “That guy’s knees are caving in on his squat.” or “Her throwing technique is off.” This is the technical side.

The brain’s right hemisphere is responsible for empathy, language and creativity. This is the part of a coach’s brain that says, “She’s not motivated to complete the workout because it’s too easy for her.” or “He’s not hitting the ball well because he’s thinking too much about meeting with his boss later.”

What makes a good coach? Technical knowledge and the ability to get the player back to practice on the following day.

UpCoach helps with the left-brain tasks, but focuses primarily on the right-brain skills:
How to keep clients engaged for 10+ years
How to teach teenagers to be leaders
How to help a client stick to her nutrition plan
How to make a kid WANT to improve his fastball.

Technical knowledge abounds on the internet. Coaches can spot problems and identify solutions faster than ever with access to a ton of free resources.

But if the athlete doesn’t care; or they’re burned out; or they’re distracted, NO cues will work. No improvement will happen. Therefore, care and handling of athletes is the foundation of good coaching. And that’s what we build in UpCoach.


How does UpCoach work?

UpCoach is a mentoring program.
Every month, your coaching team is invited to a private video call with coaching mentor. That’s the hub of the program.
Before the call, a coaching supervisor, gym owner or head coach should assess the team’s strengths and weaknesses, and submit a priorities list to the mentor. But if you skipped this step, the mentor will find something to work on – we promise. 🙂
To conclude the call, the mentor will assign some homework.

What kind of homework do you assign?
UpCoach has hundreds of videos, reading assignments and role-playing tasks. Your mentor will choose an assignment that optimizes your team, and then link you to the content that will help most.
Usually, this content is found within the UpCoach modules. Sometimes, we recommend an external course; but there’s always a purpose in doing so, and our partner organizations link well with our lessons.

Why mentoring instead of modules?
The world is full of old coaches with incredible experiences to share.
The value of this experience is far greater than knowledge.
The best coaches have mentors in their field.
Our job at UpCoach is to identify these mentors and give them a voice.

What about taking courses?
Attending seminars is great for coaches. Our goal is to focus a coach’s educational path; make sure the lessons taken from seminars stick; and optimize your organization’s continuing education plan.
In-person seminars are motivational and educational. But most coaches carry away only 2-3 long-term “lessons”–sometimes less–and should therefore not rely on weekend courses as the backbone of their long-term development.

Can I do this myself?
Absolutely. But most coaching organizations don’t.

Gym owners don’t have time to consider the long-term coaching development of their coaches, or they simply don’t know how to structure a plan.

Sport directors are usually working with volunteers and are hesitant to impose “requirements”, so no formal mentorship program is implemented. Ironically, mentorship helps with coach improvement and retention.

Finally, most head coaches simply don’t have time to find, filter and deliver the right lessons in context. UpCoach does it all for you.

How do I sign up for UpCoach?

UpCoach has 100 clients in its current roster. Beginning in September, we’ll accept 10 per month to ensure an optimized service for each new client.

The commitment is monthly, with no fixed contract. However, value will increase exponentially the longer you’re in the program. This is the case with mentorship as opposed to an online course.

Registration will open soon!